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The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio refused to share its "JEDI" curriculum with the district, claiming it's "proprietary." But persistent parents demanded their rights and brought the CRT content to light.
All parents have the legal right to promptly inspect the curriculum taught to their own children. Be persistent in demanding your rights!

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The JEDI program may be gone, but ANY 
"Diversity Equity Inclusion" curriculum is a derivative of
Critical RaceTheory

May 20, 2021
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"Social-Emotional Learning" is another euphemism that masks the praxis of  CRT. 
The Gender Unicorn, part of a "Sex and Gender Acceptance" mandatory staff training program, is another divisive, confusing curriculum that has no place in our school system. 


This is indoctrination using unscientific gender theory to promote transgenderism to children.

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