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We care deeply about Rocky River—its award-winning schools, excellent library, lovely setting, and friendly people. Rocky River Citizens for Transparency was created to assist the Rocky River Library and School Boards, and to promote a well-informed citizenry.


We are committed to seeking factual information and presenting our findings to educate the public.


We advocate for children, minors, and those without a platform to voice opinions.


We defend, protect and uphold rights, liberties, and justice.


But we can’t do it alone.


We are looking for partners in the community to help gather facts by requesting public documents and distilling the information down to the pertinent facts.


Encourage other citizens to stand up for justice when they see rights being violated.

Persuade whistleblowers to share their stories. 

Critical Race Theory

Is in Our Schools

NO CRT.png

Drag Queen Story Hour

Is in Our Library


Demand Transparency from Our School Board

Peter Corrigan Board of Education Swearing In 1-12-22.jpg

Diversity Center of NE Ohio Is NOT Transparent

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