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Get Involved

Attend our local School Board, and Library Board.
Speak up. Challenge. Debate.

School Board Meeting Schedule 2024 png.png

Contact School District Administrators

Contact School Board Members

President, Jessica Wilson


Vice President, Kelly Rucker Frindt


Lauren Negrey

Peter Corrigan

Addie Olander

Contact Librarians and Directors

Trent Ross, Deputy Director
Interim Library Director

Jessica Breslin, Library Director

Kristine Lee, Children’s Service Manager

Contact the Library Board of Trustees   

President, Jill James

Vice President, Jenny Fisher

Secretary, Dave Sansone
Ann Gynn
Cindy Schafer
Milissa Stickney

Stacey Ganor


Goldwood school front door.png
Kensington School.png
Rocky River Middle School 02.png
RRHS front of school street view.png
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