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Rocky River Library

The library collection should serve the interests of the community


The librarians at RRPL are clearly flooding the collection with LGBTQ+ titles (for children and adults), leftist social commentary, etc. etc., hoping to promote their interests rather than reflecting the interests of the community they serve. Meanwhile the Christian collection is old and limited and conservative, traditional material is sparse.

We can request that the library carry materials of interest to Rocky River, and we can also donate books to the collection! BUT do not simply drop off donations. These books go straight to the book sale. To ensure that your donated book goes to the collection, you have to follow a procedure. 

The library buys "library bound" or "library edition" books from publishers. They suggest users request a subject area but you can also request a specific title!


Please see below from the website:

"You can honor the memory of a loved one, or recognize a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, or other special occasion and help build the library’s book collection. Select the subject area of the book you would like to purchase and our staff will help select materials to enhance our collection. Items purchased with donated funds must meet the gift provisions of the Rocky River Public Library Collection Development Policy. Inside each donated book, Rocky River Public Library places a commemorative bookplate in the name of the person honored and the donor. For additional information or to obtain a book donation form, please contact the Adult Services Department at 440-333-7610 x 5501 or stop at the Reference Desk in the Library."

Here is a link to the form:

Let's help build the collection!

Make this the last Drag Queen Storytime in our library.

Click on the photo for news about our peaceful protest of June 2021.

What You Can Do

Contact the library director Jamie Mason at

or the deputy director Trent Ross at and make your opinions known.

Request that the library purchase conservative and/or religious books and materials and check them out! The library should build its collection around the interests of the community. (See above for instructions on how to assist in this; a procedure must be followed to get a book in the permanent collection.)

Contact the library board of trustees or attend a board of trustees meeting to suggest appropriate programming for children and adults.

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