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We care deeply about Rocky River—its award-winning schools, excellent library, lovely setting, and friendly people. Rocky River Citizens for Transparency was created to assist the Rocky River Library and School Boards, and to promote a well-informed citizenry.


We are committed to seeking factual information and presenting our findings to educate the public.


We advocate for children, minors, and those without a platform to voice opinions.


We defend, protect and uphold rights, liberties, and justice.


But we can’t do it alone.


We are looking for partners in the community to help gather facts by requesting public documents and distilling the information down to the pertinent facts.


Encourage other citizens to stand up for justice when they see rights being violated.

Persuade whistleblowers to share their stories. 

We feel parents must be asked to “opt in” for non-mandated programs instead of assuming that all parents are aware of non-mandated programs and making the effort to opt out of programs that they do not agree with.


Critical Race Theory (CRT) is in our schools. It's disguised with pleasant-sounding terms such as "diversity, equity, and inclusion," "anti-racism," "anti-bias training," and "social-emotional learning." Gender theory is in our schools as well, and alternate sexualities are openly promoted.


Libraries are conduits for a radical leftist agenda that is targeted at our children. Drag Queen Story Hours are just the tip of the identity "iceberg." Transgenderism is being openly promoted to very young children in the Rocky River library with our tax dollars.


Candidates for the

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Facts About the Rocky River Schools and Library




The district has signed a $72,000 contract with the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio for a K-12 “justice, equity, diversity and inclusion” (JEDI) program. The contract states that the district may not share the curriculum, claiming that it is “proprietary.” (Source: public document 7/1/2020 contract)


Parents have the legal right in Ohio to inspect the curriculum taught to their children in public schools. (Source: Ohio Revised Code 3313.60)


Superintendent Michael Shoaf is on the Diversity Center of NE Ohio board of directors in an unpaid position. (Source: DCNEO website, June 2021)


Rocky River students are being taught unproven, unscientific gender theory, such as the idea that humans have multiple genders and the claim that people may choose their sex or be a different sex than the one they were “assigned” at birth. (Source: DCNEO teacher training documents)


Rocky River teachers are being pressured to include their “preferred pronouns” in their communications and to use students’ preferred pronouns (“zer,” “zim,” “they,” etc.). (Source: DCNEO teacher training documents)


“Transgender girls” (that is, boys) have been using girls’ facilities and playing on girls’ sports teams in the schools.




On June 17th the library hosted a Zoom “Drag Queen Story Time” for children and families, despite many people expressing their concern about such an event. The book list accompanying this event lists many fiction and nonfiction books on transgenderism for children. (Source: Library publication “Inside View,” May-August 2021) See the News tab for more on this event.


The library has admitted that no criminal background check was performed on the drag queen (“Sassy Sascha”). (Source: Conversation with the assistant director)


In Rocky River, the library is partly funded by the schools, and the school board appoints the library board of trustees. (Source: Public documents)


Displays in the teen room for “Pride Month” include books and other resources that promote alternative sexualities and transgenderism to minors.








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Critical Race Theory

Is in Our Schools

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Drag Queen Story Hour

Is in Our Library


RR Teachers Were Made to Resign Without Due Process

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Diversity Center of NE Ohio Is NOT Transparent

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