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  1. Did you know the Rocky River School District (RRSD) and the Rocky River Public Library (RRPL) are inextricably linked?  clickhere

   2. Did you know RR public library trustees were appointed by past and present school board members and serve for 7 years? +click here


  1. Did you know RR public library trustees are required to “represent a cross section of our community”? + click here


  1. Did you know RR public library sponsored a Drag Queen Storytime for children that was opposed by 96% from patron feedback?  +click here (board package mtg.on May 26, 2021 pg 41)


  1. Did you know in June 2022 RR public library hosted 12 “LGBTQ+/pride“programs, including hosting a pride parade? + click here


  1. Did you know that RR school district contracted with the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio (DCNEO) 2012- 2021? + click here (“show outdated language” from DCNEO training”)


  1. Did you know our superintendent authorized hiring two DCNEO employees to train our students and teachers while he was on the DCNEO board of directors? +click here to watch video Kei Graves


  1. Did you know RR school district students were taught the tenets of critical race theory (CRT), including gender identity, despite the administration claiming that they were NOT teaching CRT?  +listen here-kracken


  1. Did you know the diversity training classes given to RR school district students promoted the view that America is systemically racist? These lessons (or this false narrative?) led to movement in which several RR high school band members knelt in protest during the playing of the National Anthem at RR high school football games in 2021?  +click for Link to petition below


  1. Did you know the RR public library contracted with the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio and all RR public library employees were required to complete diversity training? +click here (for hours spent)


  1. Did you know the RR public library “censured” its own patrons for “harassment” when citizens objected to the Drag Queen Storytime and LGBTQ-packed programming?  +click here (show pictures of Sassy Sacha and book list recommendations by the library)


  1. Did you know our library falsely accused a group of peaceful protestors of “violence” against a the Drag Queen at RR public library?  +click here  (show SS Facebook lies, refusal of requested surveillance video evidence by library, police report/corroboration, and YouTube video of RRCT members refuting claims)


  1. Did you know RR public library offered tarot card readings to teens (with parental permission) offered by a witchcraft store from Lakewood (and only one teen signed up…keep or delete?)? +click here, link to New Moon Store in Lakewood


  1. Did you know our library has promoted large numbers of age inappropriate books containing sexual content and gender identity for the Children’s and Teen departments? +click here (show pictures of books + titles)


  1. Did you know our library is making a SECOND (TV or videotaped?) commercial to be aired on ____________(station)? Did you know RR public library consists of  ______ employees?


  1. Did you know the RRPL has been explicitly and systematically exploiting and sexualizing our children and teens?  +click here    (eliminate and/or combine w/ 23)


  1. Did you know the RR public library has hired a “non-binary” man who wears a skirt in the Children’s department?  +click here (picture of Nic Starr from library website they/them pronouns and/or AR pic)


  1. Did you know the employees of RR public library were taught not to use the word “biological male or female because it is “outdated and more complex”? +click here (page 84 of DCNEO training) similar to #6, remove or provide different support


  1. Did you know the RR public library has refused to order some religious or conservative books requested by community members? + click here, get stories from Annie D., Beth Lampe Martin, Emily Lyman, Judy Admunsen…and more


  1. Did you know the RR public library board of trustees has stated that it will “develop all programs through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and offers programs in support of the American Library Association’s “Programming to Promote Diversity”?  +click here (strategic plan and mission statement, link to ALA nonsense and refer to Censure document)


  1. Did you know “popular appeal” is listed as a criterion when making decisions about program topics for RRPL? Yet patron opposition to these programs overwhelmingly outweighs the support of them?  +click here (show petition 250 people signed)


  1. Did you know there is a plan, led by community members that has been put on hold by the RR board of Education to discuss a total redesign and construction at the RR middle school soccer field converting the field to Astro turf at a rough estimate cost of $3mil?  +click here (for audio of board meeting 8-18-22)


  1. Did you know the

              “Pride Fest and LGBTQ+” programs held at RR public library in June,

           the developmentally inappropriate books,

                 the objectionable programming and

                 the hiring of employees who are walking billboards of gender confusion 

                are part of (coordinated campaign – their words) an agenda and continual pattern of desensitizing children, breaking down societal norms, families, and what it means to be male and female?  +click here   This one needs to be reworded, broken down and maybe used as a summary or introductory piece ?

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