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The JEDI program may be gone, but ANY 
"Diversity Equity Inclusion" curriculum is a derivative of
Critical RaceTheory

Listen: A Diversity Center Employee Tells Rocky River Students We Are Divided Into Dominant and Subordinate Groups

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"Another way we can think of is: people are, in this world, separated into groups. Society has separated us into groups. You have a dominant group, and you have a subordinate group. So if we think about dominant group right now, they are considered the norm, what's normal. So if the dominant group is considered what's the norm, then what do you think about the other group, which is the subordinate group?

Yeah, the minority, are not considered the norm.

They are born into a world that is organized to benefit them and suit their needs. They enjoy unearned privileges. So that means privileges that they may not necessarily have worked to earn, which means that the minor... Or the subordinate groups have to work really, really hard for the privileges and advantages that they get.

So enjoy unearned privileges and advantages because of their group identity. This is considered just the way it... just the way things are, just the way it has been. Just the way it always has been. And they make rules about our world. What we can and cannot do. Rules about access to resources and the behaviors of how we're supposed to behave or how we're supposed to act and decide what is right or wrong, good and bad, and what is considered the norm. So, if this is our dominant group then the opposite is true for our subordinate group. So when we think about dominant groups and what's your name? . ...that the subordinate group will be our minorities. Then who is in this dominant group?

We're thinking about just the United States, who is our dominant group in the United States.

Yes. ---No...thinking about a group of people.

Okay, and if you go a little bit deeper white middle-class our dominant or our majority group. Okay, so let's talk about subordinate groups. They're considered abnormal, different, deviant, or thought less of. Again, this is our minority group...are born into a world that is not organized to benefit them and have to adopt to the rules that are are set up by the dominant group, are underprivileged, have a harder time accessing resources, or making their own decisions.

And if you think about access to resources, think about people who may not have opportunities or as many opportunities as someone that might be in the dominant group. They may feel invisible and have to work, like I said, extra hard to be in that same status that someone who is in the dominant group has already achieved. So have a dominant group... they have a status, and then this minority group has to work just as hard to get, or work harder, to get to where they are."

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