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Critical Race Theory Concerns:

When a school district introduces Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the schools (both staff and classroom), they are essentially politicizing the schools by promoting politically divisive ideas. These ideas are a form of political indoctrination of the students, causing division among them, their families, and the community. 

These concepts include white privilege, implicit bias, systemic racism and inequity, intersectionality, anti-racism, identity politics, and the idea that groups are either oppressors (typically white middle class) or the oppressed (typically minorities of color).  For more information on CRT and related concepts, click here.

We believe it is essential that our children learn about the history of America, including that of slavery,  Jim Crow, the fight for civil rights, and current events.  However, we expect our educators to teach these topics in a way that is objective and not from the point of view of one political party or movement.

Our concern is that this is occurring in the district and with every indication that the current administration will expand CRT further. Evidence of this includes the following:

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