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The Trojan Horse  


Critical race theory is typically introduced deceptively by many diversity training institutions. The language sounds compassionate. Words and code-names such as diversity, equity, inclusion, gender identity, social justice, racial sensitivity, social-emotional learning, anti-bias training, and many others often masquerade critical race theory indoctrination.  

Concrete evidence and actual teaching examples of CRT in Rocky River schools

are listed in a separate article on this website. 

However, we invite you to begin with a brief explanation of critical race theory. 

The basic premise is this:

All white people are racist oppressors with power and privilege.

(They are referred to as the “dominant group.”)

Non-white people are oppressed victims.

They are referred to as the “subordinate group” or minorities. 

CRT says: 

Race (primarily) and group identity are more important than the INDIVIDUAL. 

Students are taught that society is divided into hierarchies—

GROUPS based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. 

These groups are valued UNEQUALLY  in American society. 

Social groups that are valued more highly have greater access

to the resources our country affords. 


According to CRT, the fundamental problem with America

is its “whiteness,” its hierarchy of skin color.

The lighter your skin, the closer you are to the top of the system.

Since the United States was founded by white men,

racism has been woven into the tapestry of our country from the beginning,

and it continues to corrupt every aspect of American life.


This is referred to as systemic racism.

CRT, which has its roots in activism and not academia, is both a movement

(a call to social justice activism) and a worldview (an entire belief system).

In short, critical race theory, under the guise of diversity training,

is not just about treating people with more respect or caring

about issues like race, sexuality, and fairness.


CRT is principally concerned with teaching students how to recognize group identities and their power structures. It encourages group division and constant criticism of the dominant

group (the white middle class). It instills values that require them to believe American society is unequally stratified by groups. And these groups are victims of oppression. 

It encourages disdain and criticism for America, its history, its traditions, and its founding.

Is it any wonder we have students kneeling during the national anthem

and refusing to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance? 

Finally, a brief note of what critical race theory (under the guise of diversity training) does NOT teach. 

It does NOT teach students to respect our nation’s founding and ideals or celebrate us as a free and civil society with rich traditions and customs. It does NOT teach that our society with American capitalism has created unparalleled wealth for more people in all walks of life than any other economic system.

It does NOT teach that America, our Constitutional republic, though not perfect,

provides more freedom, opportunity, and advancement for individuals

of EVERY race, sex, and ethnicity than any other country in the world.  


Oh that we could see these truths in RRCS curriculum!

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